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“Georgetown Fitness Bootcamp is a great work out. I have tried other forms of fitness but nothing beats the inspiration, motivation and encouragement that I get from Carrie Burrowes. Carrie doesn’t only provide a fitness class, she truly cares about the people in her class.  Everyone has different goals and everyone comes to class with different capabilities. Carrie makes sure we all feel part of the class as she encourages us to work to our full potential.  Carrie you are a true inspiration to me.  Thank you for all the encouragement and motivation you give me every time I show up.”



"I started Boot Camp with the mindset that I would give it my all for 1 month. I couldn't do a push up, a full sit up or many of the other exercises but gave my best. Slowly but surely I began to improve. Carrie welcomed me with open arms. She checked with me to see how I was doing and provides support verbally and through e-mails. Carrie is motivating, energizing and keeps the class moving. She constantly challenges us to be give our best. I have lost weight in the past, but never combined it with an exercise class that really makes you move. I can now complete full push ups and at 47 years of age am so proud of me.Boot Camp is not just an exercise class but I've learned how to eat the healthy meals and snacks and how to avoid binging on garbage.Each week a blog is posted (sometimes more often) where Carrie shares her expertise on a specific topic. These blogs always provide you with knowledge and challenge you to be honest with yourself. You have the opportunity to respond and read other Boot Campers opinions. These classes re-energize you and I wouldn't miss my Boot Camp Classes for the world."

~Maureen Praturlon


I have been a boot camper for almost 2 years and I can’t imagine my evenings without it!  It is not easy to shuffle the kids to their events and squeeze boot camp in too but it is now a part of our family routine.  Some weeks I can only attend 2x/week but my husband and kids know that I need boot camp to feel good about myself.

I think the funniest thing is hearing my daughter tell her friends she can’t do a play date because her mom has boot camp – it just rolls off her tongue!  I love that I am showing her a positive example of healthy living and that my health and well being matters too!  As hard as the workouts are (and they haven’t gotten easier over the years) I am much happier person when I get my boot camp fix!!

Thank you Carrie for building our confidence, self esteem and….muscles too!!



It was August 2010 when I finally decided I needed to do something about my weight and more importantly,  my health.  Time to commit to something and just DO IT – no more excuses.  I heard about Bootcamps,  so I began to research it.  I found one in my area.  WOW, what a find!

I was however, a little apprehensive.... “what do I wear? I  can’t run.  I heard they run in these classes. What if everyone is super fit & I look out of place? What if I can’t keep up?”  I realized that these were the types of excuses that were keeping me from a healthier path.   Excuses kept me fat, bottom line.

So I did it!  At first I signed on for 2 times a week.  Nobody cared what I wore.  I did not feel uncomfortable.  Yes they ran and no I definitely could not keep up with them.  When I came in at the very end of the line all I got was encouragement, both from strangers (now fellow bootcampers) and from Carrie, our incredible, wonderful, SUPER motivating instructor.

It’s refreshing to know that Carrie has been where we’re at.  She doesn’t just talk the talk, she’s walked the walk.  That is so important that she GETS IT.  Carrie cares first and foremost and that shines through immensely.  She is empathetic when you need it and she will give you a serious butt kicking when you need that as well.

It was only 3 months into Bootcamp when I craved more.  I was seeing results & I liked it.  I signed up for the unlimited.  For the extra $10-15 per month for the unlimited, it was a no brainer for me because I knew my body was ready for more.  This is when serious results began for me.  I’ve lost over 30 lbs.  I’ve dropped 2 dress sizes.  My food is not perfect. This is a struggle for me, but I continue to meet head to head with the struggle every day.   I face it on a daily basis and aim to conquer on a daily basis.  That’s just the way it is for me.

I’ve learned SO much from my Bootcamp journey.  I’ve learned excuses are simply excuses, nothing more. They’re detrimental road blocks.  I’ve learned TONS about healthy eating from Carrie & continue to do so. I’ve learned that, for me, this is not a race – the Tortoise and Hare stands true!  This is not a quick fix.  Not to sound cliché but it is most definitely is a life style change.  It’s a commitment to making that change.

I’m a total Bootcamp addict now.   It’s my high. I crave & need the hard workouts.  My body is now accustomed to them.    The encouragement and teamwork  from other fellow bootcampers is AWESOME.  It’s a wonderful group of people to get out & sweat with.  I cannot say enough about these classes. They’ve changed me inside and out.

As a few of us say, when we’re in a struggle that may be tuggin on us a little and we need a little kick, we say “GET BACK UP – WE’RE LIFERS”!

THANK YOU CARRIE !!  My journey would not be nearly as successful without your incredible motivation!

~Ronda E.


Georgetown Fitness Boot Camp is the single best fitness program I have ever
tried. It has given me the best results of any program I have done in the
past. I am in better shape now than before having my two children. It is a
truly revolutionary program fit for everyone.
"Carrie is not only a great motivator but a great friend too. She
truly cares about her Boot Campers"

~Stacy W


I can do a lot more physically than when I started and couldn't even do more
than about 5 bicep curls with the easiest red band. And, I couldn't go up
two flights of stairs at work without panting. Now, I keep up with strength
training throughout the Bootcamp session and can run a treadmill.
I fit a dress last Christmas and felt the most confident ever at my
husband's company party that I have attended for the past 20 years. One
employee didn't even recognize me at first. Even my mother said she'd never
seen me look that good.
I have far more confidence at work than I've ever had. I can chase students
who are almost 30 years younger than I am down the I feel
strong and capable. Plus, this is the longest I've ever stayed with any
workout plan...almost 3 years. Before this, I'd be lucky if something would
last 2 months.

Thanks Carrie!!!

~Alexis G


In the four years that I have been doing boot camp it has changed my life.  I am stronger, have more energy and am 40 lbs lighter!

Carrie has kept my motivation going with fitness, nutrition tips and recipes.
I couldn't have done it with out her!

Thanks Carrie!

Shelly B


I am about to tell a story that you have heard many times before.  I was chubby as a kid and then as a young adult.  I started my first diet at 17 where I lost weight, then proceeded to gain it back.  I then joined Dr. Bernstein in my quest for thinness and lost 72 lbs.  Gained back 30 lost 20 gained back 40; I think you get the picture.  However nowhere in all those years of dieting did I ever include fitness!

Three years ago at the age of 47 I was tired of being sluggish and dieting I knew I needed something different, I did the unthinkable; I spoke the words out loud to a friend who was quick to call me on my statement and encouraged me to join her at boot camp.  With literally no fitness background I was very nervous about what boot camp implied.  And of course I had an excuse as to why I couldn’t attend on the night she has invited me to join her.  Two weeks later after gentle persuasion I showed up at the school, and there has been no turning back.

It was hard and there were several nights I hated it but then I started seeing results, people noticed and commented, I felt strong and in control.  It took me a very long time to be able to complete the warm up laps and that plagued me but Carrie encouraged me along the way.  I have a bad relationship with my scale but I am happy to say that after three years the scale no longer matters.  As long as I am moving and healthy that is what is important.  I have now introduced one of my very best friends to the BC way of life and you should see her!!!  Friends do make it easier, after her first week she was encouraging me to keep running.

I would still like to take weight off but no diet in the world has ever provided me with the confidence, self esteem and strength I feel today.  You can’t bottle this stuff but if you would like to know how it feels show up at boot camp and get it for yourself!

~Kelley Moynagh


I joined boot camp in May 2011 and have lost 40 pounds since joining! At the time I knew that I was overweight and that I needed to do something. I had a gym membership but found that I just wasn’t getting there. My sister-in-law had heard about Carrie’s boot camp and we decided that we would both sign up. I was extremely scared to go to my first boot camp expecting to get yelled at and possibly ridiculed if I wasn’t able to keep up like the boot camps that I had seen in movies or on television. My experience was the complete opposite! I couldn’t believe how encouraging Carrie was and the support from the rest of the boot campers. I remember leaving my first class thinking wow, that was a good workout, if there is any way to get in shape this is probably it and boy was I right. Carrie’s boot camp is like having a personal trainer. She is always encouraging you, knows everyone by name, and is always pushing you to improve your personal best. You just don’t get that at the gym. In my first month I lost 8 pounds and 12 inches, I couldn’t believe how much my body changed in the first month alone! I immediately noticed the results. I had to buy new clothes, had more energy, and was sleeping better. Looking back on the 10 months that I’ve been going to boot camp I can’t believe how easy the weight loss was. All I did was watch my eating (thanks to tips from Carrie) and go to bootcamp! If you join boot camp with Carrie you will succeed with your fitness goals! Not only do you get support and encouragement from Carrie directly but also from the other boot campers. I love boot camp and know that I wouldn’t be where I am if it wasn’t for Carrie!

~Tanya N


I started bootcamp in May of 2011 and now in March of 2012; I am happier, healthier and 20 lbs lighter!

I joined out of sheer desperation.  Group activities are not normally my thing.  I like to keep to myself and the thought of working out with some many other women frankly made me cringe.  But, I was 198 lbs, had asthma and an ankle that required a heavy brace just for walking my dog around the block.   I was depressed, ashamed and never felt worse about myself or the example that I was setting for my family.   I looked up Carrie’s website and before I could over think it, I joined.

My first night was awful.  I actually cried on my way home.  I was so ashamed and discouraged.  But, I remembered some of the nice women who had encouraged me that evening who did not judge me or look down on me because of how I looked or performed.  It gave me the motivation to go back a few days later, and a few more after that!

By the beginning of August I completed my first 10 km run.  By the end of October I ran a 16 km run with my husband (he is a runner).  The joy and pride I felt running beside him that day was amazing!  By March my ankle was healed (no more brace!) my asthma had improved significantly (no puffer required) and I am a curvaceous size 12 and well on my way to a final goal of size 9.

Carrie is the most knowledgeable and honest fitness professional I have ever met.  She tells you upfront what her program entails and that weight loss success comes with a lot of hard work and dedication. She makes herself available to her clients and when you ask a question she has the answer, the honest one.  Carrie really cares about her clients and provides an encouraging, comfortable and non judgmental atmosphere for them to work within.  I have greatly benefited from Carries advice, knowledge and support.  If you want to improve your health, this is this place to start and Carrie can get you there.

~ Paleo Michelle

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