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The Very Best Work I Do Is Here

What would it be like to sit down and talk over coffee with a trusted friend, who knew enough to help you make the next move, and who could help you see a better path to your own success? It would be a LOT like my newsletter. This is the best thing I do every week, and it’s free.

Every newsletter, I give you ideas that in one way or another are move you towards your health and fitness goals. They come from my heart with the sole intent on educating, motivating and answering your questions. Grab a glass of water of a cup of coffee, maybe green tea settle in, and spend a little time with me. It’s a very personable experience.

Unlike most every newsletter in the world, you can simply just hit reply to talk with me. I’m there. Not some team of people. Me. Carrie Burrows. Try it out. Lots of people do. And yep, I write back.

The goal of every newsletter, is to give you something of value that you can consider and take action upon.

Oh, one last thing. There are no social sharing buttons on my newsletter. Sometimes, I’ll add a link to help you learn more, but that’s it. Why? Because you showed a desire to get more health and fitness information and I want make sure you get rewarded for your commitment. I want access to your BEST social network: your inbox. If you like the information, press forward and send it to someone you really care about.


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