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2019 New Year's resolutions Protection

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2019 is just around the corner which means every health and fitness person is bombarding you with their programs to help you succeed with your New Year's Health and Fitness Resolutions. 

Yes, that includes me. 

But not all programs are actually intended for your benefit and not all health and fitness people are what you would call credible, ethical or professional. 

This page is to help you make an informed decision about what you will do to improve your health and fitness in the coming year. 

First, the people. 

Some of the people that will share their programs with you talk a big talk about how their program is the best. They will use words and phrases like, "little known secret", "exclusive, never been seen before", "recently discovered", "magical", "patent pending". 

Sadly, their slick use of catch phrases and words will sucker a lot of people in thinking this is the holy grail of weight loss. 

"Drink this magic oil and watch the fat fall right off!"

I get it. We are all looking for something that will work easy, fast and simple. 

There are only so many hours in a day and the thought of having to do nothing and get the results is very appealing. Heck. Who wouldn't want that?

Most of these frauds have signed up for an affiliate program that pays them for selling someone else's product. They know that there is a psychology at work and using slick marketing, ridiculous copy and spending enough money will give them a great return. 

They probably know very little about what they are selling other than the trigger words and phrases will work to get you to type in your credit card info and buy what ever they are selling and they get a profit for doing very little. 

A real fitness professional has spent years working on their profession. They have studied their craft. Nutrition, movement, chemistry. They have worked with people and have learned what works for different body types, medications, needs. 

They actually care about your results and are there for you and support you. 

I offer an affiliate program but it's not open to just anyone. The only people that can promote my services are people that have been in my programs. That know me and the quality of my service, support and professionalism. You won't find my services available on any of the click farms.

The Products

Weight loss, health and fitness programs, studies, sciences are not new. They have been around for centuries. 

The basic core of all weight loss is a calorie deficit. You need to burn more calories than you consume. 

Calories come from the food we eat and your body turns that food into energy. 

Your body then uses that energy for all of it's processes to function. Any energy that isn't used is stored. That storage of excess energy is fat. 

To get rid of fat, you need to use up the energy stores. 

Your body has a base amount of energy it needs to function. To maintain your weight you need to consume enough energy to meet that need. 

To lose weight you need to consume less energy than you use. The fastest way to use energy is through exercise and movement. 

So when a product comes along that magically will burn fat, with just taking a pill, potion or lotion, it's false. 

Sure there are supplements, vitamins, minerals and foods that help in the efficiency of the chemical processes within the body but if they simply force energy through your system they long term impacts can be deadly. Does anyone remember phen-phen?

Think Exlax... It forces food (energy) through your body without processing. Sure you can consume lots of food but your aren't getting the energy benefits of it. 

What to do...

You are looking for a product, program or person to help you lose weight, improve your health and fitness right? It's part of your New Year's Resolution like so many other people. 

Do your research. 

Look for a history of success from the person or product. Avoid fads and never seen before products. 

Don't get sucked in by an Instagram photo of an eleven-teen year old with a ripped body, amazing features and a huge following. 

Do you honestly think in their early 20's they have had to work through metabolism issues, having children, working to support a family, budgeting for a home, expenses and bills? Hardly.

They don't have the life experience to help you with anything other than what they know... a wicked good young metabolism, photoshop and filters. 

Back when I was 17 - 18, I weighed well over 225 pounds. When I was in my early 20's I had a rock hard body, ripped abs, no wrinkles and I could eat anything I wanted, drink and get very little sleep and still look great. 

Then life happened. 

Age, genetics, marriage, jobs, children, life. I enjoy a much more satisfying life now knowing how to make healthy family meals that even picky teens enjoy on a budget. 

I need sleep. 

I would love botox weekly. 

Wouldn't we all?

I don't have time to spend two hours a day in the gym, an hour per picture on Instagram or Facebook and I need more nutrition than comes in a bottle or pill. 

I'm you. 

Here is what you need to make health and fitness a priority in 2019 that you can stick with and succeed. 

Real food that supports energy and body composition. 
Exercise that takes as little time as necessary to provide the most energy burning. 
Rest and sleep. 
Support to get you through the challenges of life. 

When you look for a program or a person to help you in 2019, those are the things that you need to look for. 

No fads, no gimmicks, no slick sales copy, no unbelievable claims, no too good to be true.

I would love it if you chose me to help you, but what matters most to me is that you don't get suckered in. 

Choose carefully and wisely. 

After all, this is your life we are talking about and you need to make the best choice possible for you! 

If you want to know more about what I offer, click on programs at the top of this page. 

You can also always email me to see what I think:

Or, sign up to receive emails from me and I'll provide you with more great information. 

Have an amazing and great New Year. 

Here's to your health! 

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